Need sound design help?  Planning, creating or implementing, we have years of experience that can be brought to bear on your project.  This include sound effect creation, voice over, music, cinematics and trailers.  We speak FMOD, WWISE and Miles.


Sound effects are more than a collection of sound files.  Sounds need to be evocative, communicate just the right message, and be aware of what other sounds are playing around them.   This is accomplished through the art of individual sound element selection and the science of implementation technology and system design.   We have the experience to bring all of these facets together and deliver a high quality solution for your project.


Music is emotional, evocative, and in many cases - reactive to the choices made by the player.  This is technical sound work at it's best, and we've delivered a wide range of interactive solutions.  From "background" music to dynamic interactive audio, to trailers and cinematics - we have the experience to deliver whatever fits the needs of your project.

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