W. Scott Snyder is a senior audio expert with broad experience in live sound, broadcast, and the video and computer game industry.  He has proven managerial and technical skills with all facets of sound design, including acoustics and sound masking. He has extensive knowledge of all standard audio programming interfaces on all current gaming platforms. He manages multiple resources and deliverables across diverse projects. He has taken care of talent casting and direction, voiceover production, contract negotiation and management, localization, audio tools, and cutting-edge audio technologies.


Audio Production


Sound Design

Music Composition

Voice-Over design, scripting, and direction

Multi-Channel content, mixing

Audio engineering and mastering




Audio Tool design and programming

Knowledge of all standard audio programming interfaces on current gaming platforms

Programming languages - C#, C++, VB, PureData, PHP, Perl

Audio Middleware - FMOD, Wwise, Miles, XACT, DirectMusic

Experience with Unity and Unreal game development environments

Acoustics and Sound Masking Solutions




Experience with managing sound departments with design personnel and external contractors

Adept at managing multiple resources and deliverable across diverse projects

Casting and directing voice-over sessions

Coordinating with programmers on audio engine, game audio features, and audio tool design and implementation.



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